Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Die with "T"

Those of you who know me understand that I am a big unit. Not tall, but impressively thick. Even when I am not fat I am impressively thick. Well, used to be anyway. Now I am just fat.

And like every fat bastard I have attempts changing my lifestyle and getting healthy, eat the right food, do the exercises, you know the caper. I'm doing it right now.

Which means I have been living off salad and oats. Not oats exactly, muesli to be exact. Which is a grain eaters bubble & squeak I suppose. And there is an effect. Boy oh boy there is an effect. 

My turds are now monsters. 

And they have a mind of their own too. "Let me out" they scream, 

And I cant deny them, like a mother giving birth I have little control, I have to find a porcelain bus right now.

Which brings me to shopping for curtains. Which was today's "thing". The poor shop assistant in Freedom thought I was mad - two sentences and there I go off to the kassie. Again. And again. 

Ooops, here we go again, be back later,


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  1. Yes Rocksy you got the right site hon and start blogging kiddo your comments are always fun hon. Hugs Julz